The Akataiyo is an organization with the purpose of serving their leader, L.

Now that the Ichizoku are revived, the Akataiyo serve as the ambassadors of the Clan, as well as being high in terms of political power.

  • L, leader and founder.
  • Meari, a close friend of L and a founder.
  • Neisan, L's older brother.
  • Yoso, creation of L and a founder.
  • Buki, a creation of L.
  • Zetsu, a creation of L and a founder.


Their uniform is simply a black cloak with high collars, red clouds scattered across it, with a zipper and hidden pockets on the inside. If they can, they wear a straw hat. The uniforms themselves are enchanted against danger by L.


L Edit

L is the leader and founder of the organization. He created it for the purpose of helping him find the Philosopher's Stone.


Meari, a close friend of L, is a founder of the organization, and a dedicated follower.


Zetsu, a creation of L, is a founder of the organization and a dedicated follower.


Yoso is another creation of L, a founder of the organization, and a dedicated follower as well.


Neisan is L's older brother, and a dedicated follower.


Buki is another creation of L, and a dedicated follower.


The Akataiyo's hideout is located somewhere deep within the Labyrinth. The hideout has many defenses set up by Zetsu and Yoso, traps set up by Meari, and enchantments set up by L so that in case of attack, they would have somewhere to hide and defend.

Their hideout is now in the desert, as the old one was founded.

They now travel throughout the land, living in simple camps.

The Akataiyo now have their own quarters on the Ichizoku Island.


  • "Akataiyo" is a Japanese translation of Red Sun.
    • The group upon the Akataiyo is based on is named 'Akatsuki' which means Red Moon in Japanese.
  • The Akataiyo is strangely based upon the group from an Anime Series, Naruto.

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