Acundian is the most durable, most powerful metal in the entire world and beyond. It pre-dates the Gods, and all civilizations. It is commonly referred to as the Mother Metal, as all other metals in existance (and non existance) are made from this myserious metal that has not been seen since the destruction of the First World. It is unknown as to how one would create a weapon of this metal, as it is nearly indestructible. One can only assume that the fabled Manipulating Hammer can craft a weapon fully made of Acundian.

Attributes of the MetalEdit

This metal is not only the most durable of ALL metals, but seems to give Allomancy users a near-God status. However, this cannot be entirely credible as no one would know how an Allomancer would be able to consume and burn a piece of Acundian, as no one can say for certain where to FIND this metal. Any Allomancers that might have found the metal have disappeared as well.

The attributes that Acundian posess are:

Incredible durability

Resistance to magic

Unrivaled sharpness. Any metals that are below this are easily sliced into. Not even diamond can rival the durability of this metal.

This metal will meld to any material if it pierces the center of it on the user's will. Anything with an Acundian shell cannot be killed, as the material cannot be pierced. However, it is still heavy as a metal, and you can drown in it. A few people that are lucky enough to find an Acundian Shard have pierced their books with the shard, thus protecting it from all damage and retaining the knowledge inside.

Acundian seems to regenerate Mana. Because of this property, some hypothesize that the Mana Well could in fact, be Acundian (or made of Acundian).

Acundian cannot be posessed by any individual without the approval of The Gods, and their Archangels.

If Acundian pierces a deceased person with the will of the user behind it, then the corpse shall be preserved throughout the ages.

Acundian will never be used without the judgement and blessings of The Gods and their Archangels. If even one God does not agree, then the use of Acundian is not permitted.

Items currently believed to be Acundian or have been associated with AcundianEdit

The Mana Well

The God Slayer

Deamon's Book

The Manipulating Hammer